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Measure the Impact of CMS's Normalization of 99212-99215

For providers/practices that normally have a high percentage of 99212 & 99213 billings (versus 99214 & 99215), the upcoming CMS's "normalized" rates for 99212-99215 of $93 should produce favorable results for the practice once the rate change is fully implemented.


For providers/practices than normally have a high percentage of 99214 & 99215 billing (versus 99212 & 99213), they should expect to see a reduction in overall revenue.  For more details, click here to see how CMS's plans will adversely impact pediatric subspecialists.

Calculator #1

Enter the number of units billed for each CPT code (99212-99215) and let us do the math to show whether CMS's "Normalized Rate" will improve or hinder your practice's bottom line.

Calculator #2

Enter the total number of times 99212-99215 was billed and your overall percentage each code is normally billed out:

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