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Viewing & Printing Your CPOE Certificate

CPOE certificates are managed via industry-leading credential management software (

Once you complete your exit interview, your CPOE completion will be documented in triggering an email from for you to update your profile.  From there, not only can you download your CPOE certificate, but you can also download your virtual badge to include on your social media profiles as well as your email signature.

To begin, simply visit to log in and follow the instructions below.

Screenshot 2023-04-08 22.50.25.png
Screenshot 2023-04-08 22.50.31.png

After logging in, select "Badges" from the top right of the screen:

Screenshot 2023-04-08 23.28.10.png

Select the certificate you want to access and download:

You may see two badges assigned to you on your Credly profile:

1. CPOE Scholar is the badge assigned to everyone who enrolled in the CPOE program.  This simply confirms that you were enrolled and pursuing completion of CPOE.

2. The option for the "Certified Pediatric Office Executive" badge will appear once you have completed all the courses and the interview.  

Screenshot 2023-04-08 23.28.23.png

After clicking "Certified Pediatric Office Executive", if the "Share" button is non-responsive, you will need to click the "..." and select "Public badge view" to continue:

Screenshot 2023-04-08 22.50.45.png

With the "Share" button now active, after clicking it, you will then see access to download your certificate:

Screenshot 2023-04-08 22.50.54.png

Click "Download PDF" as the final step:

Screenshot 2023-04-08 22.50.59.png


You will notice that your certificate comes with an unique certificate number as well as a QR code to allow people to verify your credentials:

Screenshot 2023-04-08 22.52.04.png

Whenever someone scans the QR code printed on your certificate, they will see confirmation that the certification is properly credentialed:


Don't forget to share your accomplishment via social media with options for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more:

Screenshot 2023-04-08 22.50.542.png
Screenshot 2023-04-09 00.05.32(2)3.png
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