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Comments from last year's attendees in Charleston:

  • Taking the time away from the practice was a concern for me but this was the best way I could spend two days to help advance our practice. The ideas and information presented and the open sharing of information and challenges is invaluable.​

  • We will no longer spend $$$$ for MGMA and spend more time and providers going to PMI. I've been manager peds for 5 years and just wonder why we didn't find this sooner. So thankful and looking forward to continuing with PMI.

  • The investment- missing 1.5 days of seeing patients and cost of the conference will be realized several-fold when the changes we learned about are implemented.

  • Hands down, the PMI offers the best topics and knowledgeable speakers to help you revitalize your pediatric practice.

  • The ROI of the conference is such that you are leaving money on the table by NOT attending. Guarantee you will learn something at the conference which will pay for your attendance and travel costs

  • Very practical and packed with useful information!

  • A wonderful opportunity to gather with other pediatricians to share perspectives on the business of medicine, as well as the joys of day to day practice

  • Very practical topics that apply to our practices presented by people who get it and have real experience

  • Practical! Immediately implement changes from things learned! Great networking with other business-oriented practices.

  •  ​​​In two quick days, we covered topics that are on the minds of all practice owners and managers -- and reminded me of things I wasn't even thinking about! Can't wait to be there next year and see what kind of changes I can implement so I can share MY success stories.

  • This conference each year offers the most relevant and helpful information of any conference that I have attended.

  • PMI - Where independent pediatricians go to share experiences and learn new strategies to make their practices more successful.

  • One stop for relevant, timely practice action items that you need to implement in order to succeed moving forward...period.

  • You will, without a doubt, learn at least one thing which will pay for the conference several times over.


  • Presenters are at the at the cutting edge of practice management.

  • Best money we have spent as a group to have PMI as partners and teachers.

  • Well with the time and cost! Very informative and the speakers were great!

  • Taking the time away from the practice was a concern for me but this was the best way I could spend two days to help advance our practice. The ideas and information presented and the open sharing of information and challenges is invaluable.

  • I came back energized to tackle the many issues in our practice and I was armed with the tools to do it!

  • I've recently reentered pediatric management after a very long time away. This conference was perfect for reorienting me to the hot topics and challenges facing today's pediatric providers.

  • Anyone who is in private practice needs to attend this conference to learn about the business component of the practice. This conference is a great learning and stimulating tool for understanding a practice's business side!

  • There were enough new ideas to incorporate in my practice that it will keep me busy for an entire year! Right up until next year's conference, when I'll fill up with new ideas again!

  • I found the presenters to be very knowledgeable and passionate about their work. Also, the information/topics covered were beneficial to our practice. I'm looking forward to attending next years conference.

  • Best pediatric conference around.

  • The value of hearing and learning from our peers is a tremendous asset. Additionally, the conference is an ideal setting to deepen your network and gain the support from your fellow partners in pediatrics.

  • If you care about your patients and their families, invest in PMI!

  • This conference has provided me with the knowledge to run a Pediatric Practice successfully.

  • Solid return on investment! Networking and collegial support are fantastic.

  • Very valuable information that is worth every penny.


Over 10 industry experts slated to be on faculty for the January 25 & 26 2019 Conference in Nashville, TN:


Industry veterans who have served as faculty at past PMI conferences include:

  • Susanne Madden, MBA, CCE

  • Richard Lander, MD, FAAP

  • Herschel Lessin, MD, FAAP

  • Suzanne Berman, MD, FAAP

  • Richard Tuck, MD, FAAP

  • Susan Sirota, MD, FAAP

  • Todd Wolynn, MD, FAAP

  • Dan Feiten, MD, FAAP

  • Sue Kressly, MD, FAAP

  • Herschel Lessin, MD, FAAP

  • Bryan Sibley, MD, FAAP 

  • Donelle Holle, RN 

  • Chip Hart

  • Nelson Branco, MD, FAAP

  • John Moore, MD, FAAP

  • Jan Blanchard

  • Brandon Betancourt, MBA

  • Jeanne Marconi, MD, FAAP

  • Paul Vanchiere, MBA


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