Our Pediatric Practice Management Conference is a unique opportunity for Pediatricians and business managers who are responsible for the management of their practices. With industry-leading experts presenting their priceless insights about the challenges of the industry, the attendants cover the distance between wanting to run their practice successfully and knowing exactly how to do it. Join us in January, 2020 to get top-notch advice and ideas from national experts on pediatric practice.

Over 30 industry experts slated to be on faculty for the January 24 & 25 2019 Conference in Miami:


Industry veterans who have served as faculty at past PMI conferences include:

  • Richard Tuck, MD, FAAP

  • Donelle Holle, RN 

  • Nelson Branco, MD, FAAP

  • John Moore, MD, FAAP​

  • Jeanne Marconi, MD, FAAP​​

  • Bryan Sibley, MD, FAAP

Conference Description:

This conference is designed to provide participants with a better understanding of the nuances of operating a Pediatric Medical Practice. Through lecture, case studies and discussion, attendees will gain the knowledge necessary to ensure a successful Pediatric practice.

Learning Objectives: 
After the conference, the attendees will gain an understanding of the specific issues facing Pediatric medical practices. They will become aware of the special considerations related to financial reporting, marketing, managed care contracting, and operational issues unique to Pediatrics.

Who Should Attend: 
Pediatricians, Office Managers, Administrators, CFO, CIO, Revenue Cycle Managers, Decision Support Managers, Financial Leaders, IT Vendors and Clinical Managers.



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