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PMI's Beginning

PMI founder, Paul Vanchiere, began his 15 years of healthcare experience by working for his father, Dr. Buzzy Vanchiere, in Lake Charles, LA. As the Managing Partner for an 18-provider pediatric clinic in Southwest Louisiana, Buzzy showed Paul how to run a successful medical practice. While growing up, and after graduating from Loyola in New Orleans, Paul learned all he could about the financial and operational aspects of practice management.


Because Buzzy was a practicing physician, he exemplified the purpose and mission of healthcare executives. Buzzy instilled in Paul the necessity to remember that the decisions of healthcare management should be about the patient. By being reminded daily about the need to exercise fiscal prudence, Paul worked with Buzzy to develop innovative ways to leverage practice management success and provide better quality care for all children.


Recognizing Buzzy’s influence on his life, Paul realized that it is important to not only share what he learned but to help others better manage their practices so that they can offer more to their patients. Paul hopes that, by forming a lasting relationship with people, such as Bryan Sibley and Richard Lander, the three of them can share valuable insight into effective pediatric practice management. Paul envisions a future where Pediatricians can utilize the services of PMI to better manage their office and, in turn, be able to provide better care to their patients.


In August of 2012, Bryan Sibley and Paul Vanchiere met while giving a seminar on Pediatric Practice Management. What evolved from that day has been an array of services spanning the healthcare spectrum from physician care to managed care networks to hospital financial operations. Through their creativity, they have come together to offer seminars, consulting services as well as niche accounting software for hospital recruitment arrangements. Because Bryan is a Pediatrician and Paul’s roots were planted in pediatrics, they look to focusing on the area of healthcare they know best: Pediatrics.


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