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PMI's Beginning

Paul Vanchiere, the founder of PMI, embarked on his healthcare journey with 15 years of experience, starting from working alongside his father, Dr. Buzzy Vanchiere, at a pediatric clinic in Lake Charles, LA. As the Managing Partner of an 18-provider pediatric practice in Southwest Louisiana, Buzzy served as a mentor to Paul, imparting invaluable insights into running a successful pediatric practice. Paul's education at Loyola in New Orleans further deepened his understanding of the financial and operational aspects of practice management.

Working closely with his father, who was a practicing physician, Paul witnessed firsthand the true purpose and mission of healthcare executives, emphasizing the patient's well-being. Buzzy instilled in him the significance of exercising fiscal prudence while striving to enhance practice management success and deliver higher-quality care to all children.

Acknowledging the profound influence of Buzzy on his life, Paul recognized the importance of sharing his knowledge and assisting others in effectively managing their practices to enhance patient care. Establishing enduring connections with individuals like Bryan Sibley and Richard Lander, Paul aims to collectively provide valuable insights into efficient pediatric practice management. He envisions a future where pediatricians can leverage PMI's services to optimize their practices, enabling them to offer superior care to their patients.

In August 2012, Bryan Sibley and Paul Vanchiere crossed paths while conducting a seminar on Pediatric Practice Management. This meeting marked the beginning of a collaboration that has since expanded to encompass a wide range of services spanning the healthcare industry, from physician care to managed care networks and hospital financial operations. Through their collective creativity, they have been offering seminars, consulting services, and specialized accounting software tailored for hospital recruitment arrangements. Given Bryan's background as a Pediatrician and Paul's roots in pediatrics, their focus remains on the area of healthcare they know best: Pediatrics.

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