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Certified Pediatric Office Executive Program
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Pediatric Management Institute (PMI) is pleased to announce the launch of the Certified Pediatric Office Executive (CPOE) program for:

  • Physicians

  • Office Managers

  • Administrators

  • Supervisors

Leveraging the expertise from industry experts via online learning for you to learn, at your own pace, the CPOE program will launch with 20 topics covering Finance, Human Resource Management, Strategic Planning, and much more:

  1. Budgeting For Pediatric Practices

  2. Corporate Structures

  3. Effective Interviews To Find The Right People

  4. Effectively Marketing For Your Pediatric Practice

  5. Equipment Lease Versus Purchase

  6. Financial Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) In Pediatrics

  7. How To Determine The Value Of A Medical Practice

  8. How To Easily and Accurately Set Your Prices Using RBRVS

  9. Physician Compensation Models

  10. Physician Employment Options

  11. Practice Financing: Lines Of Credit & Loans

  12. Process Improvement In Your Practice

  13. RBRVS- What It Is And How It Affects Practices

  14. Reading Financial Statements

  15. Reducing No-Show's In Pediatric Practices

  16. SWOT Analysis For Pediatric Practices

  17. The Business Of Immunization

  18. True Cost Of Billing Department And Outsourcing

  19. Using PCMH Components To Increase Efficiency & Productivity

  20. Value-Based Contracts For Pediatric Practices


CPOE Learning Experience:

  • Sign Up for CPOE

  • Learn from industry experts from 20 core courses the information you need to know to run a Pediatric practice from the comfort of your own home via an industry-leading online learning platform (Dedicated iPhone and Droid app will be provided)

  • Complete the CPOE learning requirements:

    1. Complete the assessment quiz after viewing each course​ video

    2. Complete the final exam after you successfully pass the initial 20 courses

    3. Submit an essay designed to articulate your mastery of the materials presented

    4. Complete your "Capstone Project" designed to share with fellow members how you successfully applied the knowledge learned to improve your practice

    5. One-on-one interview via online conference with select faculty to discuss the knowledge gained

  • Stay involved and continue learning via PMI's various webinars, conferences, and other educational events

  • Engage with colleagues around the country via the member-only discussion board

  • Receive exclusive discounts from PMI for future events and services

CPOE Pricing

  • The initial 20 courses, online community resources, and access to two new courses each month is less than $60 per month. ($699 paid annually at initial sign up)

  • Continued certification with access to monthly courses and online community resources for less than $30 per month ($349 paid annually after initial 12-month CPOE enrollment).

Discount pricing available for large organizations, networks, and select vendor networks

CPOE Discounts

Discounts are available for individuals from the same practice/organization as followed:

  • Second purchase 15% off the second purchase

  • Third purchase 20% off the third purchase

  • Fourth Purchase 25% off the fourth purchase

  • For more than four people, please reach out to us for a custom discount quote
    To take advantage of discounts, please contact us after the first person from your organization enrolls into the CPOE program.


CPOE 100% Guarantee

If after completing the initial CPOE program anyone feels they did not learn anything relevant to improve their practice, PMI will issue a 100% refund- no questions asked.


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