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The Practice Supervisor

PMI Leadership / Supervisor Training

Welcome to the PMI Leadership/Supervisor training program.  This six-part video/workbook series is designed to help managers, administrators and supervisors in a Pediatric organization learn what they need to effectively supervise others.

The material is broken into six parts:

  • Effectively Supervising Others

    • Video: 12 Minutes

  • Fundamentals Of Effective Leadership

    • Video: 30 Minutes

  • Team Building

    • Video: 19 Minutes

  • Communication Skills

    • Video: 25 Minutes

  • Managing Disciplinary Issues

    • Video: 6 Minutes

  • Managing Difficult Conversations

    • Video: 37 Minutes

Participants are encouraged to download the available Participant Manual before watching the videos as it contains many exercises referenced in the videos.

If you have any concerns or suggestion(s) for feedback, please reach out to us here.

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