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PMI 2024 Conference App Guide

We are excited that you will be joining us for the conference.  It is slated to be the biggest gathering of people exclusively focused on pediatric practice management.  The conference app will contain the agenda as well as the opportunity for you to connect with everyone!  Whether you are attending virtually or in person, the conference will be packed with great information you need to know to run a successful pediatric practice.

This year's conference will be Livestreamed- allowing practices to connect and learn from across the country.  The Livestream can be viewed from the conference app or from your desktop.  

Download The App
Connect To The Conference App

Download The App    

The conference app is available via a dedicated web app as well as for iPhone and Android devices:

Google Play app is now available!  


Desktop Version Of Conference App

Accessing The Livestream

Connect To The Conference App/Portal    

Once you've downloaded the app (or visited the web portal), you will need to enter the same email address entered when you purchased your ticket. 

If you are uncertain of the email address used, search the term "RSVPify" in your inbox for your conference registration confirmation- which will help you determine the email address you should be using.

If, after searching your email inboxes, you are still unable to log into the app because of an invalid email address, please contact us.

Accessing The Livestream    

Desktop View

All conference sessions will be livestreamed (pre-conference sessions were never promised to be available as we use that time to test our equipment.

To view the livestream, visit the main page of your conference app (or conference web portal) and you will see the listing of the three concurrent livestream sessions.  Viewers will have the ability to select which of the three livestream feeds they would like to view (and flip between streams as you see fit).  

Please note that you will need to go to the individual course in the agenda to determine which stream will contain the presentation you are planning to watch as well as to get a copy of the presentation slide deck.  


Desktop Access To The Virtual Conference


Want to use your desktop to connect to the app?  Here's the link to access the desktop version:

Still Need Help?

Still Need Help?

Feel free to reach out to us for any assistance you may need by clicking here.

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